Services in Lower Ottlebridge

The Giant’s Hand Inn- Half-Orc owner

Burford’s Supplies- Halfling owner

The Blue Forge- Dragonborn owner

The House of Rest- Elf Herbalist

Shrine of the Sun- Human Priest of Pelor


River Ottle; Wyrmswood, Cairnwood, Murkwood, Murkmere; Hafal Run, Skysedge Mountains, Scratcher's Point, Longridge, High Road, Duke's Road
Upper and Lower Ottlebridge, Ramswash, Duckford, Ridgewatch, Morgrave, Draedan, Hasalak (Dwarf Hold)
Fort Bloodbones, Abbey of the Silver Thorn, the Wizard's Tower, Welkin's Claim, the Old Quarry


Red Hand of Death Anarcharnate